About us

Eurolink Consultores S.A. is a Consultant Company specialized in Organization, management and Information Systems. It is formed by independent professionals.

The Company started its activity in 1988, being its main objective the developement of advice activities. Eurolink Consultores looks for effectiveness and for excellence in its projects, through the analysis of processes and through Research and Innovation. 

We have developed our own methodology for dealing with Projects. Beyond an strategic perspective, we look towards the future anticipating trends, we based that on our experience and analysis abilities.

This attitude aims to attend the Companies transformation needs with the various challenges faced.


img_methodologyAll our Projects adjust to the following principles:

Faithfully follow a methodology  for the design, developement and  inplementation  of software systems or organizational Projects.

Adapt application of this methodology to the actual capacity of the company, in the sense of gradualy incorporate new technologies.  

Form a team very attuned to the corporate officer, sharing objectives and distributing functions and duties

Internal quality assurance of our products and services.

Simplify to the maximum work procedures and changes to introduce in the organizational systems in place.

Assist the client in the implementation and maintenance phases, until it deems appropriate.



25 years of accumulated experience.

Proffesionals are all graduates.

Ongoing training in Quality, TIC and organizational skills.

Apply technological solutions that are based on market standards.

Totally committed professionals with the customer business project.

High reputation in the field of shipbuilding and related  due to technical expertise and personal attention as.

We have our own Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) In process of continuous improvement.

The team


Founding member of Eurolink Consultores and CEO, he has conducted numerous Projects of management,  Quality Assurance Systems,  information systems custom, Research & Developement, and Project Planning and Control.
Antonio has got previous experience in Astilleros Españoles, Spanish Navy, Bazán (Navantia), and CTA Auditores,  that support a detailed knowledge in industrial and service sectors.

He has created the functional design for several complete information systems, in very diverse sectors, and has driven in shipbuilding applying modern management techniques.

Antonio is PhD Naval Architect & Marine engineer, Executive MBA (Instituto de Empresa), and Assistant Professor in the Madrid Politechnic University. He is also author of 5 books and more than 10 papers on management & engineering.


  1. Geometría y representación de carenas. Diseño de formas asistido por ordenador. “Geometry & hulls representation. CAD in hulls design” ISBN 978-84-96398-45-0
  2. Alisado de Formas. “Hulls fairing”. ISBN 978-84-96398-46-7
  3. Obtención de una geometría de la carena definida mediante junquillo matemático a partir de una definición por tramos parabólicos. “Getting the hull geometry defined with b-splines  from a previous definition with parabolic sections”. ISBN 978-84-96398-44-3
  4. Gestión Integrada de Proyectos de Contrucción Naval. “Integrated Naval Construction Projects” ISBN 978-84-96398-47-4
  5. Analisis de Procesos previo al desarrollo de condiciones de proyecto y de trabajo corporativo entre los astilleros, las Ingenierías y las Industrias auxiliares. “Process analysis prior to the development of the project conditions and corporate job conditions between shipyards, Engineering and auxiliary industries”. ISBN 978-84-96398-48-1




Naval Architect & Marine engineer, Marcos is Product Manager of the KIS (Knowledge Information System) solution and is responsible of the implementations and maintenance of the software systems.  He has spent more than 20 years in Eurolink Consultores and has been Project manager and analyst in numerous locations and Projects in shipyards.

Marcos has detailed knowledge of financial, budgeting and cost control processes, amongst other skills.



Daniel is Computer Engineer, Master in Information Technology and Business Management – ISP of the Cherwell Valley College (Oxford), and is Product Manager of the GESFLOT solution and responsible of supervising all the Information Systems in use on clients.

His previous experience includes investment analysis in Golden Broker, Business Development Consultant in Leirema Gestión and Assistant Manager bar tender in the Mitchells & Butlers Group.



Naval Architect & Marine engineer with experience in IZAR – Juliana (Gijón), in Acubens (Engineering) and for more than 10 years as  Organizational and information systems consultant in Eurolink Consultores, mainly as Consultant Project Manager and Customer Support. Juan currently works with Eurolink in turnkey deployments and in Project management of R & D.



Juan Antonio is responsible of implementing hardware facilities and Middleware environments and communications, working  closely with the consultants, via XSi Computing Company. 

Juan  Antonio has got a wide experience in Computer and communications security, configuration and optimization of all types of computer hardware: switches, routers and servers.



Jonathan coordinates and supervises the work of software development which are defined by the team of consultants. He does that from the company Ender Applications