Activity sectors

We are present in different sectors with multidisciplinary teams. In all of them we add value through experience, with global business approaches.

Shipyards & Shipowners. Shipbuilding industry companies



We have worked for almost all public and private shipyards in Spain, dealing with project organization, management and information systems.

In public shipyards Eurolink has developed highly specialized systems for capturing knowledge, and for Preliminary design for complex units, with object-oriented technologies.

In private shipyards Eurolink helps to assist with the continuous improvement of their management processes, with operative cost reduction and with the introduction of new technologies.

Remarkably, recent projects  of collaboration with industry to implement “corporate job” with the shipyards, reinforce the competitive position of the entire Naval sector.


For 5 years we maintain full length partnerships with Pescanova, Grupo Calvo and Pesqueras Rodríguez, in order to  ensure the implementation of the software for managing their fleets according to their needs and their evolution.


Auxiliary industries in the Naval Sector

Numerous companies of the shipyard environment, have relied on Eurolink to provide their cadres and technitians with training courses, and to implement TIC processes. The ultimate aim is to work
with the shipyards in a corporate environment, sharing all kinds of documents, drawings and relevant information for management.


We work with Grupo Albatros, Automatic Train Sepsa Systems and Power Systems in various research projects in the railway sector, all of them subsidized by the CDTI (Ministry of Industry)

Renewable Energies


Photovoltaic / eolic energy
We have managed and successfully completed for “renewable Grenergy” a research project subsidized by the CDTI, on “Design and Modeling of Behavior Prediction System and Integral Control for Distributed Installations Photovoltaic Solar Energy”.

Marine renewables

Eurolink collaborates with the working group’s renewable energy of the Madrid Politechnic (ETSIN) on the detection of business opportunities and the enhancement projects operating with utility patents in Spanish.

Areas or research are: the offshore wind energy, Tidal energy of waves, Energy of marine currents, thermal gradient Achievement.

Administration and government agencies

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Eurolink works with Pymar, Innovamar and other agencies related with projects in shipbuilding, and technical evaluations of R & D.

Services and Construction


With the involvement of companies like Moymar, Basibe multiservicios and Rain-man, Eurolink has adapted its ERP for companies working on request to the functional needs of construction companies, with parameterization of work units in budgets, among other modular additions.

Eurolink advise Spanish SMEs with overseas interests (Perú, El Salvador, Guinea) in investment analysis, strategic positioning and technical support.