Strategic Consulting Services

a) Feasibility Studies for Companies that Manufacture to order
b) Reports situation diagnostics  

c) Workloads and deadlines simulations for big industrial Projects
d) Ship operation Studies 
e) Assistance to the shipowner to define ship Projects, orders and construction management
f) Assistance teams shipowner for the yard meets deadlines in technically sophisticated vessels
g) Technical support services to SMEs abroad

Services on Organization and Management Projects


a) Organization Audits

b) Business change projects

c) Reengineering organizational and production processes in shipyards
d) Implementation of Quality Systems and Environmental Management

e) Systems Implementation of Project Planning and Control

f) Constructive Strategy and Technology Group Implementation

g) Design and Implementation of knowledge capture systems and best business practices

h) Studies for the development of corporate working conditions between shipyards and auxiliary companies

i) Design and implementation of systems of work incentives

j) Training managers, technicians

R+D Services


a) Process reengineering inTechnical Offices
b) Development, management and justification of R & D Projects in areas of renewable energy and transportation
c) Development, management and justification of R & D Projects in Naval Shipbuilding

R & D + i Projects managed in the last 5 years

  • Tank wastewater treatment (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2011, CDTI subsidy)
  • Electromechanical system for passenger access (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2011, CDTI subsidy)
  • Dynamic platform doors (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Legal Logger Development for trains ERTMS  (SEPSA SISTEMAS, completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Design and Modeling of Behavior Prediction System and Integral Control for Distributed Solar Energy Facilities (Grenergy Renovables,  completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Feasibility study prior to the development of corporate working conditions between yards and Auxiliary Industry(Metalships&Docks, CNP Freire, Astilleros Balenciaga, completed in 2010, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)

Process Innovation Projects

  • Reengineering organizational and production processes in the shipyard to undertake construction or repair megayachts (FNMarín, completed in 2009, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)
  • Definition, development and implementation of new telematic & TIC processes for the simultaneous management of engineering and production of shipyards and auxiliary industries (Metalships&Docks, CNP Freire, Astilleros Balenciaga, completed in 2012, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)

Information Systems Services


a) Computer audits.
b) Design configurations of hardware and software environments.
c) Turnkey implementations of a comprehensive management system-ERP (KIS) specially designed for companies working on request

d) Design, development, implementation and maintenance of information systems as specific, Programmed with Builders Information Systems own development and object-oriented technology.
e) Design and Implementation of turnkey software to manage the needs of ships operating on board (GESFLOT)