Project Management R & D

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Project Management R & D





a) Process reengineering inTechnical Offices
b) Development, management and justification of R & D Projects in areas of renewable energy and transportation
c) Development, management and justification of R & D Projects in Naval Shipbuilding

R & D + i Projects managed in the last 5 years

  • Tank wastewater treatment (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2011, CDTI subsidy)
  • Electromechanical system for passenger access (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2011, CDTI subsidy)
  • Dynamic platform doors (Train Automatic Systems, completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Legal Logger Development for trains ERTMS  (SEPSA SISTEMAS, completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Design and Modeling of Behavior Prediction System and Integral Control for Distributed Solar Energy Facilities (Grenergy Renovables,  completed in 2012, CDTI subsidy)
  • Feasibility study prior to the development of corporate working conditions between yards and Auxiliary Industry(Metalships&Docks, CNP Freire, Astilleros Balenciaga, completed in 2010, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)

Process Innovation Projects

  • Reengineering organizational and production processes in the shipyard to undertake construction or repair megayachts (FNMarín, completed in 2009, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)
  • Definition, development and implementation of new telematic & TIC processes for the simultaneous management of engineering and production of shipyards and auxiliary industries (Metalships&Docks, CNP Freire, Astilleros Balenciaga, completed in 2012, Ministry of Industry  subsidy)

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