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The KIS System (Knowledge Information System) is a fully own developped ERP for the integral management of companies.


  • KIS: For companies working on request
  • KIS – SDI: Adapted for Engineering (initial Design/blueprints)
  • KIS – FPG: PYMAR, Guarantee Fund management

Main Business Processes of Companies working on request, included in the KIS System, ordered by functional areas:

Project Management (KERNEL)

• Project Management-Cost Center oriented
• Management of liabilities

• Product and technical characteristics Registration
• Budget control

• costs and hours of work control
• Customers and suppliers Maintenance
• Orders management
• Invoices management
• Warehouse Management
• Materials or Services reception

• Delivery of material

.• Record revenues and expenses
• Organization of workers by area and category.
• Multi-currencies, multi companies

Commercial Management: Budgets, tenders and contracts

• Offers and contracts management
• Managing business budgets
• Management budgeting ratios and rates
• Management points to watch

Productive process control

• Decomposition and Product Management (PDM)
• Production activities management and planning
• Process Maintenance
• Control use of machinery and production elements

Project Planning

• Phases and activities to be planned
• Standard stockpiles Planning
• Planning planes-
• Work schedules Maintenance
• Assigning resources to activities
• Resource pool Maintenance
• Charge distribution laws Maintenance


• Project Indicators
• Product Indicators
• Process Indicators


• Management unit costs.
• Management unit prices.
• Financial Account Management
• Management estimates cash
• Cashflow


• Estimates of payments issued orders.
• Revenue estimates on production situation
• Previsional cash flow


• Accounting structure management
• Management VAT rates
• Accounting
• Closing and opening exercises

ISO Quality Management

• Actions Management
• Management responsibilities
• Evaluation of suppliers
• Audits management
• Management nonconformities
• Management corrective actions

Technical Information Management

• Technical Information Management
• Documentation Workflow
• Control statements of plans and documents

Provisioning requests and materials cataloged

• Assignment material strict be planned activities
• Prior selection of materials by type and cost center
• Cataloged Materials Management

Fixed asset management and Plant Maintenance

• Accounting for fixed assets.
• Amortization applicable.
• Registration tiles and characteristics of Plant elements
• History of incidents and actions.
• Maintenance Plans