Naval sector

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Naval sector

Eurolink Consultores S.A. brings over 25 years servicing the Marine sector.

We have worked for almost all public and private shipyards in Spain, in projects of organization, management and information systems.

In public shipyards Eurolink has developed highly specialized systems for capturing knowledge, and for the Preliminary Design of complex units, in all cases using object-oriented technologies.

In private shipyards the assistance aims for a continuous improvement of management processes, and get to reduce their operating costs and the introduction of new technologies.

To highlight recent projects of collaboration between shipyards and auxiliary industry to implement corporate job between them. This kind of Projects reinforce the competitive position of the entire sector.

For 5 years we maintain long term partnerships with shipping companies such as Pescanova, group Calvo and Fisheries Rodriguez, to ensure software implementations for managing their fleets according to their needs and their evolution.